Market Harborough Environment Group (MHEG) started out as Harborough Improvement Team some 20 years ago as part of Keep Britain Tidy "Love Where You Live and Work" campaign. It is  a voluntary organisation working to improve our local environment.  In 2019 MHEG became a charitable independent organisation with a formal committe structure.  The focus ha now extended to include campaiging on wider environmental issues, whilst continuing litter picking and promoting recycling activities.

What do we do? 

Individual, group and community litter picking.  Supporting recyling initiatives, campaigning on reducing the use of single plastics, providing talks to groups and organisations in the community, raising environmental issues to the council (introducing water filling stations and increasing the number of recyling bins within the town centre).  Supporting other groups to help them promote sustainable living and joining together to deliver green issues within Market Harborough.


The river clean was held on Thursday 24th September.  Social distancing was ahered to and the pick went well.

Thanks to all the volunteers who took part ...see our Getting involved page for more.

Many thanks to staff from Market Harborough Building Society for their continued support of these river cleans.

Eco Village

Visit the ecovillage on St Mary's road.


We welcome anyone who is interested in the work we do. It might be as:

* A litter picker in their own area of town, or to join the community litter picking groups

* As a member of the river clean team

* To help us give out information and local events

* Give a talk... .if you would like a speaker to come to your group just get in touch.

The next community litter pick will be in: Oct 2020.  Date to be confirmed.   

Coming up : River Pick

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